Siberian roe deer hunt in Altai

Trophy Siberian roe deer hunt in Altai region of Russia

LOCATION: Northern Altai

DATES: August 5 – November 30


ACCOMMODATIONS: Tent camps, cabins

DURATION OF HUNT: 5 hunting days (7-8 days from Moscow)

HUNTING METHOD: Stalking, calling

COST OF HUNT (from Barnaul or Abakan): Includes visa support, gun permit, meeting at the airport, ground transfers, license, 1:1 guide, accommodations, three meals per day, field trophy preparation, 1 buck.                                                                                                                                      2 hunters, per hunter $US 5500                                                                                                                3 hunters, per hunter $US 4800                                                                                                                4 hunters, per hunter $US 4600

ADDITIONAL COST: Each additional hunting day $US 450, Domestic roundtrip flight $US 400-700

ACCOMPANYING TROPHIES: Maral stag $US 4000, Brown bear $US 4500, Musk deer $US 1500

COMMENTS: Altai is mountainous parts of Southern Siberia, located close to the borders with Mongolia and Kazakhstan. This remote and rarely hunted land offers wide range of game and exciting hunting opportunities. The hunt is conducted by stalking and calling. The best time is the bugling season, from August 20 to September 10. The weather is usually mild. Hunters often have a possibility to take more than one trophy. Maral stag, musk deer, and bear can be hunted with additional 4 days. Wolves and lynx can be taken as trophies of opportunity.