Wild Boar Hunting in Russia

There is no better place to hunt for a wild boar trophy than Russia. The Russian wild boar is essentially the same animal that populates all of Europe, Northern Africa and part of Asia. What makes the Russian wild boar uniquely different is the size of the trophies. Harsh winters with deep snow cover allow only the biggest boars to survive. In addition, predation by wolves, lynx and Siberian tiger in the Far East breads especially mean and strong animals. Many mature males will reach 200-300 kg. (440-660 lbs.), occasionally topping scales at over 350 kg. (770 lbs.). The density of the wild boar population in most of Russia is not as high as in Europe, or in the Muslim countries of Asia, but it is well compensated by the quality of the trophies, which will frequently have tusks of over 24 cm. (10 in.) with record trophies reaching 30 cm. (12 in.). When confronted, this animal can be extremely dangerous, and big hogs may not hesitate to attack a brown bear when defending themselves. Hunts, especially early in the season are usually conducted from the stands positioned close to boar’s favorite feeding grounds: different crop fields. With snow on the ground driven hunts are the most successful. In some parts of the country stalking, or using dogs is the method of preference.

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