Argali Sheep Hunting

Sergei Shushunov Marco Polo sheep hunting
Sergei Shushunov Marco Polo sheep hunting

Marco Polo argali hunt cost Marco Polo hunting price

Location: Issyk-Kul district, Kyrgyzstan
Season dates: August 10 – December 3
Hunting method: Spot and stalk
Accommodations: Cabins, electric generator, satellite phone, radio
Number of hunters: 1-2
Price: $30,000

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Sergei Shushunov and the Russian Hunting Agency offer argali sheep hunts for discriminated mountain hunters. Argali is the largest and the most magnificent sheep in the world. Several subspecies of argali sheep populate territories of Russia, Central Asian Republics, China and Mongolia. The only argali sheep subspecies on Russian territory is Altai argali, which is protected.

Marco Polo argali in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

Littldale argali in Kazakhstan and China (Tibet)

Gobi argali in Mongolia

Altai argali in Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan

Karaganda argali in Kazakhstan

Severtsov argali in Uzbekistan

Tian Shan argali (Karelini) in Kyrgyzstan

Karatau argali in Kazakhstan and China (Tibet)

Marco polo sheep being the largest and having the widest horns span is the most magnificent wild sheep in the world. It is found on altitudes between 2,500 to 5,500 meters (7,500-16,000 ft.). The hunting is relatively easy physically for Gobi and Altai argali, which are found at lower elevations. The hunt for Marco Polo sheep in Kyrgyzstan and especially Tajikistan can be very demanding due to very high elevations. Physical conditioning several weeks in advance of the hunt is strongly recommended. Stalking sheep requires a great deal of patience. Shots are usually taken from distances of 200 to 500 meters (320 to 550 ft.) and occasionally beyond. A significant advantage is familiarity with handling a horse. Local horses are easy to handle and well adapted to high altitudes. Travel on horseback enables one to cover longer distances, with less physical pain, in search of the perfect ram. Strict regulations by local governmental and international agencies allow the Argali population to remain stable. The limited number of licenses a year are issued for Marco Polo sheep and Karelini sheep hunts, and licenses for Karaganda, Littledale and Karatau argali licenses are issued extremely rarely, not even every year and in single numbers.

Marco polo sheep hunting

The largest among sheep is Marco Polo and the best trophies, reaching 60 inches and more are found in Tajikistan, where a hunt is very hard and for many unprepared hunters is almost impossible due to extreme elevations. For price-conscious hunters, Arpa river valley of Kyrgyzstan offers an opportunity to get a 60-inch trophy at the fraction of the cost of the Tajikistan hunt.

Argali hunting info

For more information on argali hunting, including Marco Polo hunts, mid asian ibex please visit, or contact Sergei Shushunov at this site.

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