My hunting buddy and I booked our trip through the Russian Hunting Agency to shoot Russian Brown Bear in the St Petersburg area of Russia (Russian grizzly bear).

From the moment we sent the 1st email to Sergey everything was really well run and efficient from the itinerary/all the letters for the Russian entry visas for us and our hunting rifles. The accommodation was a brand new hunting lodge (4 twin bedrooms shower/bathrooms etc with lounge and kitchen on the ground floor). Very comfortable. We had requested that we wanted to eat Russian food and drink Russian beer/wine/vodka. We were not disappointed in the quality/quantity and presentation of the food/booze.

The hunting in September was in high seats for the Russian bear. At 4.00pm on the first day’s hunting,I got into the high seat 10km from the lodge (we drove 9.5km and walked the rest in the forest!!) and by 5.30pm I had shot my first Russian Brown Bear at 80 yards broadside with my MacMillan .338 win mag with 225 gn Trophy Bonded Bear Claw bullet. We went back to get the hunter’s terrier as the bear moved after the shot. Fortunately we did not need the services of our trusted canine as the bear had only managed to go 10 yards before the effect of my shoulder shot took effect. Trophy management and preparation were of the highest standard. And yes, the next morning I woke up with my first Russian vodka hangover.

My hunting buddy could have shot 2 or 3 sows but on the 4th day of the hunt he got spooked by a massive bear standing up on its hind legs at 50 yards looking at them in the high seat but the hunting shakes got to him and as this bear walked off to the woods he forced another big male bear out which was harvested at 45 yards with his .375 H & H. Another vodka hangover the next day.

We could have shot another bear each but we were delighted with the hunt and spent the last 2 nights in St Petersburg (a fantastic city full of heritage/military history and world class museums, bars and restaurants).

Dr. Micha from UK

Russia Capercaillie, Black Grouse and European Woodcock Hunt

From obtaining my Russia visa and gun permit (not necessary to take your gun) to the hunt, to the lodging in a quaint cabin in the Russian wilderness, to my return to St. Petersburg Airport and shipping of my trophies, Sergei provided guidance and quick follow-up to ensure a successful and rewarding hunt.  Capercaillie and black grouse hunts are like no other grouse hunts in the world.  Capercaillie is the largest grouse in the world and you hunt Capercaillie in a unique stalking method that Sergei described so well but you would have to experience to understand it.  Capercaillie is the size of an Osceola turkey, extremely wary and you must adjust your stalk to the mating call in order to cut the distance to a successful hunt.  There is no ground shrinkage with a Capercaillie, the size, and feather display from the head, to the body, to tail fan, compete for the most unique trophy and a memorable hunt.   The hunt can be rounded out with black grouse and European woodcock which shares the Russian forest with the Capercaillie.  Thank you,

George Lesser, USA

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