Lynx Hunting in Russia

Sergei Shushunov Lynx hunting in Russia


Sergei Shushunov, Lynx Hunt, St. Petersburg
Sergei Shushunov Lynx hunting near St. Petersburg

Lynx is one of the hardest animals to hunt. Lynx is very territorial and requires large area to survive. Population density depends on the food source. In European parts of Russia lynx feed primarily on plentiful hares and birds. Hunting the elusive lynx is very difficult, challenging and interesting. Lynx can be taken occasionally during the driven hunts for moose and boar. However, the best way to ensure a high probability of success is to use specially-trained dogs. We offer lynx hunts in either European North-West, or in Southern Siberia. Snow cover is essential for a successful hunt, otherwise finding a fresh trail becomes a serious challenge. The best time to hunt lynx is in early and mid winter winter, snow cover is not too deep to restrict movement of the dogs.  Hunters should expect to use snowmobiles and sometimes snow shoes. Once taking a trail dogs would usually tree a lynx within a  few hours, which can happen in the area inaccessible by snowmobile, when snow shows would become useful. Placing a shot is usually easy. Sergei Shushunov & Russian Hunting Agency organizes lynx hunts in St. Petersburg, Kirov and Karelia provinces of Russia.