Woodcock Hunting in Russia

Is there a more interesting game bird for an avid gun dog hunter, than the European woodcock? Unlikely. European Wwodcock, which is twice as large as it’s North American relative is found all over Europe, in Northern Africa and Asia. It is in Russia, however, where one can experience the most productive and most enjoyable hunt. After all, 75% of European woodcock population finds their home in Russia.

The spring woodcock hunt is offered as a part of package, which includes capercaillie and black grouse hunt. It begins immediately after sunset, during the last light of dusk, when males fly along the forest clearings or over the meadows looking for mates.

In the fall we offer excellent, generous daily bag woodcock hunts with pointing dogs within driving distance from St. Petersburg, where on a good day a hunter can expect up to 20-30 flashes per day and in the Krasnodar region, located between the Eastern shores of the sea of Azov and foothills of the Caucasus mountains, where having up to 50 flashes a day during peak of migration is not uncommon.