Hunting in Azerbaijan

Daghestan tur hunt with Sergei Shushunov
Daghestan tur hunt with Sergei Shushunov
Azerbaijan is known among hunters mainly for Eastern tur, one of the most magnificent high altitude trophy animals. Southern slopes of the Caucasus mountains are less treacherous than the Northern slopes in Russia, making tur hunting in Azerbaijan somewhat easier. It is a physically challenging hunt and several weeks of conditioning is recommended. The population of animals is large, the quota is generous and the success rate is nearly 100%. A trophy of opportunity may include Caucasian brown bear, which is one of the most aggressive subspecies of brown bear and occasioanlly wolf
Ruddy shelduck with Sergei Shushunov
Ruddy shelduck hunt with Sergei Shushunov

Azerbajan has some of the best duck and woodcock hunting in the world, offering long season that covers winter months, when bird hunting everywhere else in Europe is closed. European woodcocks and ducks are funneled during their fall migration from huge territories up North into the plains of Azerbaijan by tall Caucasian mountains range to the West and the Caspian sea to the East, concentrating bird to the numbers hard to find anywhere else. If you decided to choose Azerbaijan as your next hunting destination, please contact Sergei Shushunov.

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