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sergei shushunov white see bird collector hunt
Sergei Shushunov White see bird collector hunt

Sergei Shushunov & Russian Hunting, LLC will organize expeditions for bird collectors to practically any part of the region, including White sea and Arctic ocean shores, Pacific provinces, Siberia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan. Russia is a true game bird collector’s paradise. Many birds sought after by collectors are unique to Russia, or are found in much higher numbers in Russia than elsewhere. Russia is home to 8 species of grouse, 39 species of ducks and 12 species of geese. Below is a list of trophy birds found in Russia. Few of the birds in the list are protected and may require special export permits.


Willow Ptarmigan

Lagopus lagopus

Rock Ptarmigan

Lagopus mutus

Black Grouse

Lyrurus tetrix

Caucasian black Grouse

Lyrurus mlocosiewiczi

Western Capercallie

Tetrao urogallus

Black-billed Capercallie

Tetrao urogalloides

Siberian spruce Grouse

Falcipennis falcipennis

Hazel Grouse

Bonasa bonasia


See-see Partridge

Ammoperdix griseogularis

Chukar Partridge (Keklik)

Alektoris chukar

Gray Partridge

Perdix perdix

Daurian Partridge

Perdix dauricae

Black Francolin

Francolinus francolinus

Common quail

Coturnix coturnix

Common pheasant

Phasianus colchicus

Caucasian Snowcock (Ular)

Tetraogallus caucasicus

Caspian Snowcock

Tetraogallus caspius

Himalayan Snowcock

Tetraogallus himalayensis

Altai Snowcock

Tetraogallus altaicus

Tibetan Snowcock

Tetraogallus tibetanus


Swan Goose

Anser cygnoides

Emperor Goose

Anser canagicus

Bar-headed Goose

Anser indicus

Snow Goose

Anser caerulescens

Graylag Goose

Anser anser

Greater White-fronted Goose

Anser albifrons

Lesser White-fronted Goose

Anser erythropus

Bean Goose

Anser fabalis

Brent Goose

Branta bernicla

Barnacle Goose

Branta leucopsis

Red-breasted Goose

Branta ruficollis

Canada Goose

Branta canadensis


Red-billed Shellduck

Tadorna tadorna

Ruddy Shellduck

Tadorna ferruginea

Crested Shellduck

Tadorna cristata


Anas platyrhynchos

Spotbill Duck

Anas poecilorhyncha

Green-winged Teal

Anas crecca

Baikal Teal

Anas formosa

Falcated Duck

Anas falcata


Anas strepera

Eurasian Wigeon

Anas penelope

Northern Pintail

Anas acuta

Marbled Teal

Anas anguistirostris


Anas querquedula

Northern Shoveler

Anas clypeata

American Wigeon

Anas americana

Mandarin Duck

Aix galericulata

Common Eider

Somateria mollissima

King Eider

Somateria spectabilis

Spectacled Eider

Somateria fischeri

Steller’s Eider

Somateria stelleri

Red-crested Pochard

Netta rufina

Northern Pochard

Aythya ferina

Ferruginous Pochard

Aythya nyroca

Baer’s Pochard

Aythya baeri

Tufted Duck

Aythya fuligula

Eurasian Wigeon

Aythya marila

Velvet Scoter

Melanita fusca

Black Scoter

Melanita nigra

Surf Scoter

Melanita perspicillata

Harlequin Duck

Histrionicus histrionicus


Clangula hyemalis


Bucephala clangula

Barrow’s goldeneye

Bucephala islandica


Bucephala albeola


Mergus albellus

Red-breasted Merganser

Mergus serrator

Chinese Merganser

Mergus squamatus


Mergus merganser

White-headed Duck

Oxyura leucocephala

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