Maral and Izubr Stag Hunting

Sergei Shushunov maral stag hunting in Buryatia
Sergei Shushunov maral stag hunting in Buryatia

Sergei Shushunov and Russian Hunting LLC organize hunting expedition for maral and izubr stags – two subspecies of asian vapiti in Russia and Kazakhstan. The Asian Wapiti habitat is spread through 7 time zones along the Southern borders of Russia, parts of China, Mongolia and Central Asia.

Izubr (Izyubr), also called Manchurian wapiti is a subspecies of Asian wapiti found in the territories between lake Baikal and the Pacific Ocean. Izubr is smaller than other subspecies and has weaker, more narrow antlers. Izubr stag winter coat is dark grayish-brown, contrasting with a very large red rump patch, which is divided by a narrow dark stripe. It has a longer and narrower muzzle than other Asian or American wapitis. Hunting is offered in Irkutsk, Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai regions of Russia, mostly in September, during the rutting season and can be combined with wild boar, musk deer, sika deer, brown bear and Asiatic black bear hunts.

Maral, found West of lake Baikal, is represented by to subspecies: Tyan Shan Maral and Altai maral and look similar to North American wapiti, or elk. Maral stag is a magnificent animal with massive antlers frequently larger than elk.

Sergei Shushunov - Altai maral stag hunt
Sergei Shushunov – Altai maral stag hunt

Tyan Shan maral color is dark brownish-gray, with the head, neck, under- parts and legs dark brown with a tinge of red. There is a wide, light-colored ring around the eyes and a narrow white border on the upper lip around the nose. The rump patch is very large and bright reddish-cream in color with a dark brown border, and is divided by a blackish-brown stripe that does not reach the root of the tail. Tyan Shan maral is hunted only in Kazakhstan.

Altai maral is slightly smaller and paler in color than Tian Shan maral, with some minor skull differences. Their winter coat is a light grayish-brown or yellowish-brown, the head, neck, belly and legs a dark brown. Altai maral stag can be hunted in Russia and Kazakhstan with the best trophies are found in Kazakhstan.
Hunting for maral stag is organized in Tuva, Krasnoyarsk and Altai regions of Russia and Kazakhstan, starting during the rutting season in September. Later in the season maral is hunted by stalking or with dogs. Horses are frequently used during the hunt. Maral hunts, depending on the area and season, can be combined with Siberian Ibex, Siberian roe deer, musk deer, wild boar and bear hunts.

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