Duck Hunting in Russia, Eastern Europe and Asia

Sergei Shushunov duck hunting in Russia

Duck hunting in Russia is often as much an adventure as a big game hunting. Huge territory, covered by countlss number of lakes is a home to millions of ducks. With nearly 40 species of ducks Russia and bordering countries offer unique destinations for duck hunters. Large breeding grounds in the tundra support millions of birds. Some flyways are accessible only by helicopters, and have very little pressure, making them perfect destinations for collectors. At the same time, there are many excellent and easily accessible locations in the European part of Russia and former Soviet Union republics a hunter may choose.
Lakes Ladoga, Ilmen, Onega and Chudskoye in the North, White sea in the European Arctic of Russia. Volga river delta, salt water marshes of Crimea peninsula and Black sea in the South, and Selenga river delta near the lake Baikal in the East and Khabarovsk region in the Far East along the Pacific coast are among the most popular duck hunting grounds. Spring waterfowl season makes it possible to collect trophies in a prime plumage. Many areas during peak season offer action comparable to best duck hunting spots ion the world. Recently, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan emerged as new and exciting destinations, offering hunting through entire winter and expanding season for duck hunters.

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