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Russian fishing trip for TaimenThe Taimen, the true legend in the world of fresh water fishing, frequently called the river wolf by local inhabitants. Taimen is the largest trout and can frequently reach 20 to 30 kilograms (45 to 65 lbs.). The record size taimen can reach 200 cm (78″) in lenghth and 100 kg (220 lb) in weight. This is a very elusive fish, populating many rivers in the Eastern Siberia and the Far East. Taimen is an audacious, swift, strong and adroit predator, who attacks not only fish, but also many other animals – waterfowl birds, mice, squirrels and muskrats. Possessing excellent sight, it is capable of seeing not only in the water, but also distinguishing the objects on the shore. Taimen can even snatch small animals on dry land when they are in close proximity to the shoreline. Taimen are inhabitants of Eurasia. Of the four species of Taimen, only two can be found in the wild in high enough numbers to allow sport fishing.

Sakhalin taimen is permitted for fishing only in Russia’s Sakhalin island and Primorsky Krai.

Siberian taimen can be fished in Mongolia and most of Siberia. Whereas Mongolia has become a popular destination for taimen fishing, most of the sportsmen don’t realize, that the best taimen fishing and the largest trophies are found in Russia. There are few reasons for this.
First, taimen prefers rivers with variable depths, which allow it to seek deeper, cooler waters during hot summer months. It also likes rivers with a relatively fast current. Mongolia is a dry country with few such rivers.

Second, taimen is a very territorial fish. Once it finds it’s own pool, it tends to stay there or close to it for the entire season. It quickly learns tricks employed by fishermen and once it gets caught and released it tends to avoid being caught again. Because all of the fishing camps in Mongolia are stationary camps it means that sportsmen have a limited number of pools to fish within a reasonable distance from the camp. Taimen fishing in Russia on the other hand is usually organized as rafting trips with helicopter drop-offs. This not only allows fishermen to fish from different pools during the trip, but also allows outfitters to choose different segments of taimen rivers, or different rivers, which exist in the hundreds.

And most important: the IGFA record belongs to Russia.

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