Sergei Shushunov capercaillie hunt

Trophy spring capercaillie and black grouse hunt

Spring trophy Capercaillie, Black cock and Woodcock hunt

LOCATION: St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Pskov, Karelia

DATES:  April 20 – May 15


ACCOMMODATIONS: Fully equipped hunting lodge.

DURATION OF HUNT: 5 full days of hunting

HUNTING METHOD: Capercaillie: stalking; black cock: from the blind

COST OF HUNT (from St. Petersburg):

1 hunter$US 3400
2 hunters (per person)$US 3000
3 and more hunters (per person)$US 2800

Includes license, gun permit, meeting at the airport, ground transfers, transportation during the hunt, lodging, three meals day,  guides, veterinary certificate, guides, 1 capercaillie, 1 black cock, interpreter, bird freezing

ADDITIONAL TROPHY FEE:      Capercaillie $US 350, black cock $US 200

COMMENTS: Capercaillie and black grouse is as plentiful in Russia today as it was in Europe hundreds of years ago. Capercaillie, the largest bird from the grouse family is very elusive. Stalking a capercaillie may require some practice. If you are unfamiliar with this hunt, our guides will explain all the tricks and you may need to plan for 5 hunting days. The temperature can range from –10C to +15C (10F to 60F). Trophies must be either frozen, or skinned by a taxidermist. Bring a pair of rubber hip boots, warm gloves a hat and a waterproof, quiet jacket.