Fishing in Russia

With two million lakes and two million rivers, Russia has more water than any other country in the world, offering exciting fishing opportunities. Atlantic salmon, seven species of Pacific salmon, two species of taimen trout, several subspecies of arctic char, grayling, lenok trout, huge Yakut pike, and many more. The vast majority of the best fishing destinations are hard to reach and remain unknown to international travelers. Others, including the Kola peninsula, Kamchatka peninsula, and Sakhalin island, are becoming standards by which other world destinations measure their success. Fishing is one of the most favorite pastimes among Russians, and as a drawback, many lakes and rivers close to large cities are overfished. Fortunately, hard to reach locations don’t suffer from overfishing and their numbers are endless. Contact Sergei Shushunov for any questions related to fishing in Russia.

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