Northern Karelia bear, moose, reindeer and wolverine hunt

15 days trip from St. Petersburg with 12 full days of hunting for brown bear, moose, reindeer, and wolverine in northern Karelia.  Pristine forests and little human pressure offer excellent trophy hunting.

LOCATION: the town of Kalevala.

DATES: August 26 – September 10

GROUP SIZE: 2-3 people

ACCOMMODATIONS: heated modern cabin with an electricity, sauna.

PRICE: $5000 includes: meeting and departure St. Petersburg airport, visa support, hunting license, gun import permit or gun rent, surface transportation, 1:1 guides, interpreter, meals consisting of local delicacies, including game meats, fish, wild berries, and wild mushrooms as well as usual foods with perfect Russian vodka, field trophy preparation.


TROPHY FEES: bear $4000, moose $2500, wolverine $2000, Reindeer $3000, capercaillie $350.