Kola Peninsula bear, moose, reindeer, wolverine hunt

9 days trip from Murmansk with 7 full days of hunting for bear, moose, reindeer, wolverine, and capercaillie with excellent fishing for grayling and arctic char during free time. Kola peninsula is the most desolate, the most Northern and one of the least traveled part of the continental Europe. Pristine forests and little human pressure offer perfect hunting and fishing opportunities. Good physical condition is required to climb hills up to 900 meters (3000 ft).

LOCATION: Lake Lovozero, a geographic center of Kola peninsula, 4 hours of driving from Murmansk and another 1.5 hours by a motor boat.

DATES: August 30 – September 20

GROUP SIZE: 2-3 people

ACCOMMODATIONS: heated rustic cabin with electric generator, free standing kitchen/dining room, free standing toilet with hot water, sauna.

PRICE: $4500 includes: meeting and departure Murmansk airport, visa support, hunting license, gun import permit or gun rent, surface transportation, guides, interpreter, meals consisting of local delicacies, including game meats, fish, wild berries, and wild mushrooms as well as usual foods with perfect Russian vodka, field trophy preparation.

ADDITIONAL DAY OF HUNTING: $450 (7 days is enough to take 1 trophy; 2-3 extra days for each additional trophy is recommended)

TROPHY FEES: bear $3000, moose $2400, wolverine $2400, Reindeer $3000, capercaillie $350.