Large Game Hunting in Russia

Sergei Shushunov, Kyrgyzstan
Sergei Shushunov, Marco Polo hunt in Kyrgyzstan

Big game Hunting in Russia stands out for many reasons.

  • Russia is an excellent destination for big game hunters because it has a massive diversion of wildlife and geography, hard to reach locations, and excellent guides.
  • Due to the immense size of the country and different geography and climate, hunting in different parts of Russia, for example, in Kamchatka or the European parts of the country can be very different.
  • Russia has more big game animals than any other country in the Northern hemisphere, including five subspecies of brown bear, Maral, and Izubr stags, red deer, wolverine, three subspecies of Caucasian tur, Caucasian chamois, European and Siberian roe deer, Siberian ibex, four subspecies of moose, six subspecies of snow sheep, and wild boar.
  • Russia is the only country where big game hunters can hunt snow sheep, Western and mixed tur, Eurasian lynx, musk deer, Asiatic black bear, Eurasian, and Russian grey wolf.
  • Many areas, depending on a season and geography, offer combination hunts. Besides, Russia provides a hunter with a unique mixture of cultures.

Practically all big game in Russia with a few exceptions is not managed, meaning that a hunter will have an opportunity to hunt in a natural habitat for the animals which often did not have any exposure to humans, making hunting more challenging. At the same time, it makes it more exciting, and harvesting a trophy becomes a lot more rewarding experience. Join us on an adventure of a lifetime in 2021 or 2022. Our promise of the enjoyable big game hunt is based on 40 years of success.

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